How Much Does it Cost?

The reason we do not display prices on our website for our bespoke service is because every item we make is a one-off, individual piece of artwork for each Client.

Working with The Masonic Jeweller is very different to shopping with a generic jeweller or other masonic jewellery website. We usually ask what our Client's ideal budget is and then we work with our clients to build the best possible ring for that budget.
We are used to working with clients with a range of budgets from hundreds to several thousands of Euro’s. So, regardless of how much you are looking to spend, we will be extremely happy to work with you to make the perfect masonic ring. 
We are fully transparent about our costs throughout the entire process. During your consultation you will be shown the cost of different precious metals which your ring can be made from, as well as the cost of other specific materials available. You will also be able to understand the different costs that will be incurred for more complex design features.

Bespoke Ring Payments*

If you choose to commission a bespoke ring from the Masonic Jeweller, we ask for a first installment of 25% of the estimated total cost in order to create your unique design. We’ll email you first draft design images within a week, which will allow you to visualise how your ring would look from every angle. Then, based on your feedback, we’ll keep modifying your design until you are completely happy with it. This design process typically takes about two to three weeks.

Only once you’ve approved the design will we start work making your ring. At that point we’ll quote you a total cost as agreed from the design process and ask you for a second and final installment of 75% of the total less the first installment amount paid already.

 Once your bespoke ring has been tastefully finished and thoroughly checked, it will be artfully presented in bespoke packaging ready for us to securely ship to you.

All of our rings are made to order and each piece that we make is a bespoke one-off piece of artwork rather than a mass produced ring, we have a relatively high set-up cost per piece. Hence clients with a budget below €500 may find that they will get slightly better value for money by perusing our range of unique handcrafted designed rings.
At any stage if you are not happy with the design after the consultation, you are under no obligation to buy.


*Please note that any quotation is accurate to the date stated. Due to fluctuations in precious metal costs and gemstone pricing, costs will vary over time. Please further note that raw precious metals are bought in bulk as business demands from a reputed third party supplier for an agreed cost. Therefore, our precious metals costs are not directly attributed to the commodity market price of any specific metal traded for any specific day

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